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About Kirami

Finland based Kirami OY have been supplying wood-fired hot tubs to the UK market for over 20 years and outdoor saunas for over 5 years. The Log Company (Richmond) Ltd was established in 2011 by lifelong friends Mark Smith and Edward Gibbon. Based in North Yorkshire but supplying the whole of the UK, we are proud to have built a team of 15 and have a large number of private and business customers who we are happy and proud to supply with Kirami products. 

Trading today as Kirami UK we deal directly with the Kirami team in Finland to offer our valued customers the benefits of Kirami alongside the confidence and efficiency of being able to deal with a transparent UK based company. 

Why Kirami?

  • Finnish build quality and consistency
  • Innovative design using modern materials where suited yet retaining a traditional look
  • Full UK based sales, support and parts availability
  • Kirami are Europe's largest manufacturer of hot tubs
  • Engineered for a long life as well as safe and effective use in business settings
  • 99% recyclable
  • Used in many business settings across the UK
  • Flexible finance available (FCA registered company)

Mark, Konsta, Mika & Ed     Kirami UK Stock

History of Kirami

Kirami came to life whilst Owner and Founder, Mika was living in Sweden in the early 2000's. 'At the time there were no hot tubs available in Finland, but we believed there would be a demand for them. We imported our first tubs from Sweden, but we soon started our own production since we wanted to offer better quality to our customers.'

From 2006 - 2011 Kirami moved to larger facilities in Kiikka and expanded New Product Development. Manufacturing of Thermowood tubs and powerful TUBE heaters started to take place in addition to the existing spruce and aluminium models. Demand for plastic tubs gained momentum due to their easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain properties. The goal of product development had always been hot tubs that are more user-friendly and easier to care for than anything before. A hot tub with a plastic inner tub was a new product that immediately became incredibly popular.

As the demand for products grew, production capacity also increased, which led to purchasing of new and larger facilities in Sastamala. The facilities are still in use to this date. With over 3,000 square metres of heated space to meet the needs of an ever-growing business. 


2015-2016 - expanding further

The Kirami product range expanded further in the accessories sector to make hot tub experiences even more pleasant. This included products such as the floating Tubbar cup holder and the unbreakable Drinkit champagne glasses. Additional new product development took place for the wider sector of Outdoor Living, creating a range called 'Outstanding' which is made of Corten steel. The collection includes high-quality, Finnish-made products for garden decorations and outdoor cooking. The Triholdy decoration and the Freedom outdoor fire were the first Outstanding products


2017-2018 - growing the product selection...

Yet again the Kirami product selection grew, including the now customer favourite, Family M hot-tub, the design of which focused on children, the elderly and disabled bathers. The new, luxurious Premium tubs replaced the aluminium tubs, and Minipool Grandy was introduced to combine the best qualities of a tub and a pool.

For urban gardens, we introduced the Family City product, in which the water is heated and cleaned by an electric Tubtainer maintenance unit. A new LED lighting solution placed inside the tub, with the light shining through the tub, helps create a comfortable atmosphere in the dark.


2019-2020 - Launching the Kirami FinVision® sauna

Kirami expanded its product range to include outdoor saunas by launching the Kirami FinVision® sauna. Thanks to its growing popularity, a separate Sauna Factory was opened in November 2020. Other new products included the smaller Tiny hot tubs as well as the Tubbar2 floating drink holder. Operations in Sweden grew at such a rate that in February 2020 Kirami Oy considered it necessary to establish a sister company, Kirami Ab, to serve the Swedish market.

20 years of Kirami

Kirami’s 20th year of operations started in January 2021 with the opening of an export and marketing office in Turku; the official date of the 20th anniversary is in May 2021.

On May 28th 2021, Kirami joined Harvia Group, which is the Global leader in the sauna and spa market.