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Delivery & Installation

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How does delivery work?

Our Free* UK delivery service for hot tubs is based on the direct offloading of the tub i.e. where a small vehicle can safely get to and the driver can unload off the side/back of the vehicle. If you require further assistance with moving the tub from this point to its final installation location it is necessary to specify our installation service at the time of purchase.

The standard installation service allows for 1 or more of our team members moving the tub from the front of a typical residential property to the back via an unobstructed route of a suitable width, followed by the installation of the tub on a firm and level base which has already been prepared by the customer.

If your delivery and installation situation is anything different to what is described above, we may need to quote and plan to provide for additional resource to allow for a successful installation.

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Bespoke Delivery Quotes

To allow us to do this please provide us with the following information.

1. Delivery Postcode or better still, a What3Words location for your entrance/parking area and where the tub is to be sited

2. Detail of obstacles and likely access issues for the vehicle or the tub when being moved

3. Preferred timescale i.e. is cost or timing more important to you

A short video or series of photos can be sent to our WhatsApp Business number which is 01748 889303 If you thinking of moving a tub yourself this is the approximate number of physically fit and capable people required to carry each size/model of tub:

  • Tiny tubs - 2 people
  • Chill - 2 to 3 people
  • M – 2 to 3 people
  • L and Woody M/L - 4+

Installation includes moving the tub to its final location were it is then positioned with guidance from the customer.

We then connect the heater, fit the flue set and any warning and safety notices, build the steps, fit the cover and drink holder etc. plus connect any filters, pumps or secondary heating systems. LED lights and other electrical items are typically each supplied with an EU to UK plug adaptor.

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Important Considerations

Please note, all Pallet Network deliveries are kerbside or just onto your property and no installation or delivery/assistance to point is available or offered.

It is the customers responsibility to provide the appropriate information at the time of purchase so that installation can be quoted accurately and resources made available accordingly.

It is at the installation team leader’s discretion as to how far they can safely move a tub on your property. If the resources made available within the invoiced installation service are insufficient, we reserve the right to deliver as per the invoice or pass on to the customer any additional costs incurred where necessary.

The Health, Safety and Wellbeing of all people involved in the delivery with the exception of our directly employed staff, is entirely at the risk of the customer.