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Benefits of the Cold with Kirami

poolican 4
poolican 4

The Kirami team’s findings from listening to Andrew Huberman’s Huberman Lab, podcast and newsletter. 

Here's what we at Kirami UK have learned from Andrew Huberman's research on cold water therapy:

Benefits Unveiled - Cold Water Therapy:

Boosted Immune Function:  Exposure to cold water has been linked to an increase in white blood cell count, potentially strengthening the immune system.

Enhanced Mood and Alertness: Cold exposure triggers the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine, which can improve mood and mental alertness.

Accelerated Recovery: Cold water immersion may speed up recovery after intense workouts by reducing inflammation and aiding in muscle repair.

Improved Skin and Hair Health: Cold water exposure can invigorate the skin, tighten pores, and promote healthier-looking skin and hair.

Increased Metabolism: Cold exposure has been associated with a temporary increase in metabolic rate, potentially aiding in weight management.

At Kirami UK, the Poolican air-source heat pump allows you to use your wood-fired hot tub for hot and cold water therapy, maintaining a set hot water temperature up to 40°C or a set and cold water temperature of 5°C. Speak to our team today about creating a hot and cold tub with Kirami UK.

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It is important to be aware that hot and cold-water bathing can have risks, we advise speaking to your doctor or a health professional before you start this form of water therapy. 

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