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Benefits of Cold Water Therapy

Over the last few years, cold water and ice bath therapy has rapidly increased in popularity and is now a widely recognised practice around the world for better health and well-being. A centuries old tradition that has evolved and challenged our bodies and minds throughout history, is still enjoyed by athletes and wellbeing experts to this day. Cold water therapy has 'plunged' back into modern health trends and is now being encouraged by social media influencers, personal trainers and even tv documentaries.

But why do we do it and what are the benefits?

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Physical Health

Studies have shown that immersing yourself into cold water has many health benefits when done correctly and safely. It has been reported to speed up your metabolism, improve circulation, improving risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as blood pressure and cholesterol. Reduces muscle pain and stiffness by reducing swelling and inflammation and incredibly, it will also boost and strengthen your immune system. Many fans of cold water therapy also say since doing regular dips, they have noticed they get a much more restful nights sleep.

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Mental Health

Not only does it have physical benefits, cold water therapy is also said to help improve your mental health. Stepping out of our comfort zones and deliberately placing our bodies into uncomfortable cold waters for several minutes, takes determination. A typical ice bath is around 5-10°C but the more you do it, your threshold of discomfort will get higher as your tolerance increases. Controlled breathwork, relaxing your body, focusing on staying committed and reaching your goal time in the cold water, helps discipline your mind and body. Dopamine levels are proven to increase by 230% from the cold water and it is known to dramatically help relieve stress. Unequivocally improving your mood and mindset even for hours afterwards. Similar to that post workout feeling.

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Do it correctly and most importantly SAFELY!  

Before diving into regular cold water therapy, as always when starting something new, do your research and make sure you know how to do cold water immersion safely and correctly. It has been a part of Nordic culture for centuries, especially used alongside Sauna therapy, but the science and research behind cold water therapy is forever evolving and updating. There is lots of proven research, websites and information online to help you follow the recommended guidelines and introduce cold water therapy into your lifestyle. Please always consult your doctor for advice when considering using this to help with any medical issues.

Most importantly, remember to keep it fun! You are in control.